Dreams: To Become Me

I wonder where I’ll be in ten years?

Plans are plans. But things change.

Everything I am is a surprise to me.

Who did I become?

I’m embarrassed.

But I’m also proud.

I’m glad I am who I am.

But isn’t everyone?

“If _____ hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”


But if shit didn’t happen the way it happened, you’d still be YOU

You’d just be a different version of yourself

And likely, just as fucking happy with who you “became.”

I had a dream last night that I swam from Asia to Africa

And the last leg of the trip, there were people

Swimming below me, playing African music

Dancing and singing to me

And I thought “Thank god I took this route

Because if I hadn’t, goddamn-

How would I have walked from Asia to Europe?”

And then the people below me disappeared

And I was surrounded by ghosts in a giant building of tunnels and homes

And I knew that I could see the ghosts

But I chose not to.

And someone from my past whispered,

“But how on Earth could you swim that far?”

And I said

“I’ve always been an excellent floater.”


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