Affectionate Nomad

It’s my dream to travel, spontaneously.

Someone once told me:

“I look at birds and wonder, how is it that a creature with wings and no real responsibilities doesn’t just go travel everywhere? Fly to the far ends of the earth, just to see what’s there? And then I realize, we’re all like those birds. We have the ability to move, to get up and go. And all our responsibilities are in our minds. So I’ll go be that bird, and just wander around endlessly, until I know exactly what’s out there.”

I yearn for people, my loved ones. I also have deep love for places that have carved a spot in my heart. But I can live without them. I can love other places, I can love other people.

My body and my soul want to travel out to the far ends of the world and fill my heart with love.

I want to see it all.

I want to meet you all.

I want my heart to be bursting with people and places and thoughts.

Affection is my goal.

Wandering is my destiny.

Wondering, wandering, loving, and yearning

And constantly appreciating

Being affectionate with

The world.


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