The tattoo is such a devilish form of art; to mar the ‘perfect’ body that nature has given us with our own ideas of what is beautiful! What a thought. The image we choose to tattoo on our bodies: it is something human, fallible, an idea of beauty usually unlike that which nature would create on it’s own, something only existing because of a human’s touch. The subjective value of its beauty changes with time and trend. The body: the naturally functioning vessel for our consciousness, complete with its own disgust, its smells and its movements. Its aesthetic beauty is second to its function, yet we still worship the curves and softness and pleasantries of it. But what is most beautiful about humanity? This body which everyone is given, this human uniform, this complex tool for our approximately 80 years of existence in the physical world? I’d say it is our mind, something which is trapped in our own personal sphere of consciousness, that is the most timelessly aesthetically pleasing aspect of our physicality. Our minds are constantly creating and perceiving beauty, subjecting the world around us to our own interpretations of its value as something pleasing to the human body’s senses. The tattoo is an attempt to make our mind a permanent visible part of our uniform bodies, to bring that which we cannot see, but makes each of us unique and powerful and beautiful, up to the forefront. The physical beauty of our body is judged on a regular basis by our own peers and friends. But a tattoo makes a statement: “THIS, this image that I find important and beautiful and meaningful, put this on my body and judge THAT. Because this body I have been given, by nature or by the divine, by that which I cannot control, is MINE. And I choose to permanently stamp the beauty of my personal self onto the impersonal beauty that is not my own creation.” To create our body would be the ultimate God-like power. Tattoos are our way to trick God and take back control over that which the universe has given us against our own will.


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