What is it about travel that makes my heart flutter?

The novelty of somewhere new, the novelty of new people

The change, the exploration, the ‘adventure’ of it all.

I spent most of my childhood wanting to be Christopher Columbus when I grew up.

And I think I may just accomplish that, one day.

As I leave the United States in a couple of months, I hope I can look onto the horizon

Hoping to find India, hoping to be productive and trade spices

Hoping to find my ‘fortune’

Hoping to change my world with my grand plan

And instead finding

The New World.

It’s all about the surprise, the adventure, the novelty

It’s all about the curiosity, the not-knowing

My Aries mind plans, it rages forward with determination and purpose

My Leo moon steadies my heart on success

My Scorpio rising raises the hair on my neck as I struggle and push

And my Universe drifts all the plans aside and pushes me into


Travel: I am attracted to it

My heart explodes

Because of the magic of the unknown.

Where will I be? What will I find? Who will move into my heart?

Where will my soul leave it’s footprints?

The Universe only knows.

And that’s something so paranormal to me

So I’ll lift my wand

And wait for magic

On the horizon.


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