To Be Happy

Today, I thought about what it means to be ‘happy.’

I feel two separate kinds of happiness in life: that of joy, and that of satisfaction.

I am happy-satisified when I’ve accomplished a goal, when I am not bothered by anything, when I am healthy, and when I am comfortable.

I am happy-joyous when I am having so much fun, when I am in love, when I have an adrenaline rush, and when I am well-loved by those around me.

To be happy-satisfied lasts longer and rarely has negative consequences.

To be happy-joyous usually lasts just a short amount of time, and frequently ends in despair. But my, oh my! Do I feel ALIVE when I am joyous!

The moments I live for are are the joyous ones. God save me, I will always find despair because I will always seek that beautiful joy.


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